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Astro Empires Free MMO Game

Create your own space Empire! Creating your own cosmic fleet can be a real fun. Together with real-time gameplay, beautiful graphics and original ship design, it presents a really good strategic game.

Astro Empires is a highly addicting strategy MMO game (Dark Orbit, Defiance) developed by Cybertopia Studios. Game takes place in mysterious universe with lots of galaxies, systems and huge number of planets. In this world player can build his own Astro Empire that will be the best in whole galaxy.

The game is simple and demanding at the same time. You can choose many ways to conquer galaxy - from being a peaceful protector to truly evil and dangerous terrorist. Player begins the game with only one, single and a little bit "primitive" base. This planet gives you your first credits that can be used to make new buildings and ships. Researching new technologies can get you a great power, if you are wise enough to plan your moves. Your fleet can colonize new worlds to extend your own Empire. This isn't the only way to interact with Astro Empires' environment. You can also trade with other players, which give you not only resources but new allies too. This brings us to another important element in this MMO game - teamwork. You can join numerous Guilds that will be your shield and help with many problems you will face.

Astro Empires offers us many, creative ships that will enrich our fleet. You can choose from more than 20 ships, each with own attributes, for example: light attack Corvette or heavy and slow Leviathan. Battles are one of the most important elements in Astro Empires, on which Cybertopia Studios has put a lot of attention, so you must have a strong fleet in order to succeed.

Astro Empires is an interesting strategic game. It uses a lot of basic elements for this genre, but giving them in fresh new way, making many players want to try this. Be one of them!