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Hex: Shards of Fate Free MMO Game

Huge collectible cards game in a fantasy world! Hex: Shards of Fate is an interesting production that combines elements of a card game and a MMORPG. The general idea of the game is collecting cards which we’ll later use to build decks and utilize them in skirmishes against opponents. The game has relatively simple rules, but because of the vast amount of available cards, dozens of champions and resource systems, accurate knowledge of the title requires many hours of playing it.

At the beginning of the play in Hex: Shards of Fate it is obligatory to finish a brief tutorial explaining the basics of the game. After dealing with a few simple opponents, we get to the main menu from which we can choose to see the in-game shop, enter the tab with cards and decks, move into a battle with other players, but the best at the beginning is to start a narrative campaign to fully master all the rules. We begin with the creation of our champion, a character that we will use to command our cards on a battlefield. We choose its faction, gender, race and class. It is worth to become familiar with the information shown on the right side of the screen, as we can learn from it how our choices will affect our champion’s abilities, because each of them has unique skills available in the battle. After completing these steps, we go to the world map where you can meet new characters (it is worth talking to them, because sometimes we can receive interesting items or take additional missions) and fulfill the next task.

The rules of the game are fairly simple. Our main task during each of the battles is to defeat the enemy champion, who has a specific pool of health points. We can do this by attacking him with our cards. However, before we’re able to use them, we must first earn resources symbolized with stone shards. They are divided into five types – diamond, ruby, sapphire, blood and wild – and each of them allow us to use different types of cards. Each of them has a specific resource cost, and during one turn we can use only one fragment. This means that to use a card that costs 3 resources, we must first put three shard cards on a battlefield. Each shard we use on a battlefield is renewed during the next turn.

As for the fight itself, the fun does not differ from other card games. Each of the units is described with various parameters, including the points of attack and defense. When you use them, you should always pay attention to these two pieces of information, as attacking an opposing champion with a card wielding 2 points of attack power can be stopped by your opponent, should he possess 3 points of defense. Because the energy of each card is renewed at the beginning of every turn, not only we won’t inflict any damage to the opposing champion, but we’ll also lose the card, while the opponent will save his. It should also be remembered that units cannot attack in the same turn in which they were put on the battlefield. In addition, during the fight the most important is an information box. Therefore, main impulse should be to become familiar with the descriptions of each card, which will give us an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the card. To do this, simply hover the mouse over a card we’re interested in, and right-click to enlarge the card.

Cards can be divided into five main types. The units are basic type of cards responsible for attacking, defending and using skills. Perma are units the effects of which are in action all the time, until this type of card lies on a battlefield. Artifacts are special structures and items affecting eg. abilities of other cards. Action is responsible for strengthening units, attacking enemy champions and defending against other actions. One of their types are so-called fast actions, that you can use at any time. The last type of card is earlier described resource shard.

When it comes to building decks, we do so after entering the corresponding tab in the main menu. This way, we get a special screen divided into several fields. At the top we can see all owned cards which we can move to the lower field, thereby creating a set of cards we will use during a battle. A deck must consist of at least 60 cards, but cannot exceed 300 cards. In addition, it is possible to create a reserve containing up to 15 cards. It is worth remembering that in a deck we can have up to 4 duplicates of the same card (excluding resources). In addition, in the card manager we can assign decks to one of the 20 champions.

The last issue worth discussing are alternative champions called mercenaries. We can rent them while playing a PvE campaign, making the game more diverse. In addition, when faced with a problematic opponent in a given instance, a mercenary will deal with it using the deck we’ve built. To benefit from their abilities, first we have to find them, and for this purpose it is worth talking to all the characters encountered in the course of the adventure.

Hex: Shards of Fate is a free-to-play game in which we can find the micropayments. They are connected to buying new cards. Of course, we can obtain new cards during the game itself, eg. in tournaments, but we can come into their possession much faster, by buying packages and decks for a platinum - an in-game currency, which we can purchase with real money.

Here are a few tips that you may find useful at the beginning of the game:

• Don’t throw yourself into deep water immediately. After completing the tutorial, play for the first few hours in the campaign, and only after acquiring experience – move to battling with live players,
• Try different champions, since not everyone must match your playstyle,
• There is no such thing as a perfect deck. Each player has a different playstyle, prefers other cards and utilizes different tactics. However, it is worth preparing a couple of decks to be ready for different opponents,
• Read card descriptions – an information contained in them can make the difference between victory and defeat.