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Kapi Hospital Free MMO Game

Theme Hospital in a whole new dimension! Do you remember Theme Hospital? I guess some of you know this game very well. Others may play Kapi Hospital, which is a spiritual ancestor of that legendary game!

Some people played the doctor as children. Some people wanted to become real doctors. And some people enjoyed playing games like Theme Hospital. But why should we look for those ancient, dusty boxes with those games, when we can play fun online production, which is available at all time? Just spare a couple of seconds to register on one of game servers, and then you will have great entertainment experience at your grasp!

The beginning - as usual - is not that easy. We start with a very limited budget and a slightly less-than-expected competent advisor, we cannot create a hospital paradise in five minutes. Well, that's still better than nothing, so let's buy some cheap land and order builidng of our very first doctor's office. First patients shall arrive right away. Be aware that the patients may have weird names, jobs and even weirder illnesses. And let's not forget that lazy nurse working at the reception desk! Kapi Hospital is definietely a very funny game, but in a specific way, that Theme Hospital fans will love with all their hearts.

No clinic can work without appropriate staff and huge supplies of meds. While our doctor is busy examining a patient, we may go on a shopping spree to get some more pills, accessories, machines and whole paramedic teams. You can even visit the patient's market and participate in contests for the best hospital directors! Possibilities seem endless - only you decide how to invest your revenues in further phases of the game.

If you will find Kapi Hospital fun to play (which is amazingly likely to happen), maybe you should consider getting a premium account. It is a relatively small expense, compared to all premium content you get - larger waiting rooms, automatic treatments for many diseases at the same time and much, much more! For players who want to be in top 10 hospital directors, getting a premium account may be crucial!

Pretty, colorful graphics, tons of original sense of humour and a general reference to Theme Hospital. What else do we need? Well, lots of free time could be useful, as performing some of the activities in Kapi Hospital require sometimes even more than couple of minutes. Although our doctors automatically cure patients, it is our job to assign patients to doctors. There's no time to waste - go for it, doctor!

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