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The Settlers Online Free MMO Game

The new Settlers game for free in browser!

There probably isn’t a single game on the Internet that stands even near The Settlers Online when it comes to complexity (aside from, perhaps, Anno Online). Dozens of different buildings, with separate applications, over fifty different resources and products, various specialists, helping to expand and / or improve your kingdom, the ability to increase the influence of your territory and establish new colonies – those are only some of the possibilities available to the player during his adventure with the game.

Such a complex game would be more of a bother than enjoyment without the appropriate help to understand all the in-game mechanics. As always in the case of multiplayer browser games, there’s a tutorial awaiting for the player, thoroughly explaining every single question the play may have with the game. The tutorial is constructed in a simple quest line, and although there’s not much of a story to it, the subsequent tasks are consistent – for instance, you are first shown how to build a Tavern, then to hire a specialist (Geologist), and afterwards to look for a stone deposit in order to construct a stone mason workshop. Each time the player is carried through the whole process of how a single mechanic works – no one should feel lost at any time.

As it was mentioned, the game offers a huge amount of different structures to construct. You start off with simple ones, such as Woodcutter’s Hut and Carpenter, and consequently, while achieving higher and higher experience level, you are able to unlock more complex constructions. Dozens of different resources, on the other hand, allow us to please the needs of the people living in the settlement – not to mention the potential in trading that they give. Aside from constructions and the acquisition of resources, the play needs to expand his / her territory – be it with the help of a specialist (Explorer), or by establishing new colonies (which is, somehow, the equivalent of colonizing new planets in another popular online browser, OGame).

Although the game is extremely vast and complex, there’s one thing that makes it stand out from the “competition” – the required time. Unlike some other games (like the mentioned OGame, or Tribes 1 or 2), the player does not need to, literally, sleep by their PC in order to be able to compete with other players. All you have to do is to log in a couple of times during the day for a quick, few minute sessions to issue orders and you can just log out (this mechanic is somehow similar to the one found in Reddragon, other immensely popular - at it’s time - game). Additionally, similar to Anno Online, the game focuses mainly on the economic side of the game, pushing the military aspect aside.

A game with so many possibilities and such a vast amount of resources would be meaningless if not for the other players. Given the online nature of the game, there are plenty of different means of interacting with other players. They are mainly concentrated on the trade, but the player can also add others to his friend list or join a guild to be able to effectively cooperate. Thanks to the F2P (Free to Play) aspect of the game, there are various options of microtransactions in the game. This works similar to the previously mentioned Tribes 2 – the player can either use the Jewels (which is the premium currency) to buy simple things, such as resources, finish constructions quicker, or to purchase various boosters, increasing the effectiveness of a certain mechanic. Fortunately for those, who are unwilling to spend money on a “free” game, the game offers a great deal of methods to acquire vast amounts of Jewels without spending a penny – suffice to say, after a couple of hours of completing quests, you should have enough to buy a simple booster. All in all, The Settlers Online is reserved to those, who are looking for a complex, rewarding game, which at the same time does not require the player to sleep by their PC in order to be effective. If you are one of those players, you should definitely give it a try.

Here’s a couple of hints that may come in handy:

• Complete quests – aside from introducing various nuances associated with the gameplay itself, they offer immense amount of different types of resources (and often Jewels).

• Pay attention to the needs of your citizen and various buildings.

• Do not construct excess amounts of production buildings – having 20 Lumberjack’s Huts with 1 Carpenter won’t do any good, as you won’t be able to use all the Logs in order to create Planks.

• Construct additional resource-generating buildings, especially the ones needed to acquire planks and stone – those two resources are constantly needed.

• Try to use resources in the warehouse. All the resources have a limit in the amount which can be stored in the warehouse – any excess amount will be lost until there is enough space in the warehouse.