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Warframe Free MMO Game

Fantastic SF shooter for free! Enough with fantasy! Welcome Warframe, game made by Digital Extremes that will throw you into an epic sci-fi world. Test yourself and experience an incredible story in company of amazing graphics.

Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online TPS by Digital Extremes (The Darkness II, Unreal Tournament 2004) with action placed in far future and distant locations in the galaxy. We get to know the conflict that destroys a protagonist race called Tenno. They were mighty warriors of blade and guns. Unfortunately destroyed by the armies of militarized humans - Grineer. Only few Tennos survived, captured in the cryostasis chambers. After many years their memories have faded out, but they must prepare for a new war. Using the powerful, ancient armors - Warframes - they want to achieve the victory.

Warframe is a game worth playing, especially for many interesting characters, that game got its title from. They have fantastic skills, can deploy various time-combat tricks and acrobatics simultaneously. Warframes are the masters of melee combat and guns, shielded by their great armors. At the beginning you can choose only three characters: quick acrobat Loki, expert of magnetic field Mag and experienced warrior Excalibur. Of course, you can unlock many more amazing Warframes that will improve the gallery of your characters, for example supportive Valkyr or tank-like Rhino. Every one of them has special and unique skills. Completing missions, helping your team-mates or killing enemies bring you experience points that can be used to improve your character to maximum 30 level. Warframe can gain new skills, bonus health and shield points or slots for new mods.

Player can control only one Warframe. That's a little bit risky, being alone in such dangerous world. That's why you can create a team with many other players around the world to fight Grineers controlled by AI and participate in missions.

In Warframe visuals and audio are incredible. It offers us an epic level of graphics and wonderful animations. Environment is well-made with all little details that will immediately catch your eye. Warframe models are original, as well as enemy’s.

As it was said earlier - Warframe is a game worth to know and play. Many elements are on really high level and bring plethora of emotions to the player. All of this is for free and that makes game even more attractive. Give Warframe a chance and you won't be disappointed.