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Forge of Empires Free MMO Game

Develop your civilization through the Ages! Forge of Empires is a browser strategic game, in free-to-play model, that in many ways is an ideal copy of legendary Age of Empires series. You start in Stone Age, with very limited resources and no infrastructure. Step by step you’re developing your lands and bring even more under your rule.

Player is introduced to Forge of Empires by very informative tutorial. Virtual advisor gives his advice on numerous matters – starting from building, ending at game economy. Finishing tutorial is mandatory, but thanks to its dynamic nature it’s neither boring, nor time-consuming. Furthermore, Forge of Empires is a complex game, so a little heads-up will come in handy for even most seasoned veterans.

As in every good strategic game, there are many possibilities in development of your city. In Forge of Empires, not only habitation buildings are needed – for city to thrive, cultural, production and military facilities are required. Furthermore, a well-planned public transportation is essential for uninterrupted city life. Following computer’s hint we’ll quickly reach Bronze Age that will expand our possibilities.

For advancement to the more developed Ages in Forge of Empires, technological improvement is required. Reaching Iron Age will take some time, but challenge starts further down the line – Early Middle Ages, High Middle Ages, Late Middle Ages, Colonial Age. Besides technological advancement, we have to take care of assuring steady income of resources, trading with other countries and observing the world map. This can prevent an invasion of enemy forces. For additional protection, maintaining an army is required. As proverb says – best defence is offence, sometimes we will be forced to preemptive attack, to minimise the threat for the country.

As in other strategic games, proper management of the resources is very important – they deplete quickly, and additional supplies are hard to come by. If there is no other way, an attack on neighbour is required.

If you are an Age of Empires fan or just like strategic games – FoE will get you going for many hours. Open up a new tab and play Forge of Empires for free! Remember to also check out other similar games, like Ikariam and Grepolis.

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