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From Columbus to Napoleon – conquer great empires! New World Empires is a strategic MMO game, which can be compared to the popular Europa Universalis series. While it’s not as extensive as the former, the title from Bytro Labs studio turns out to be more approachable, and you can play it for free. In both cases, however, we are dealing with a war strategy, in which we try to build and maintain a powerful empire with all available means.

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After we register on the New World Empires website, we immediately find ourselves on our own. The game puts us on a large map of Europe, which is already manned by other players. Fortunately, the program provides some tips – such as the assictance of advisors, located on the right hand side of the screen. They’ll brief us on some of the main elements of the game.

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The first is discovering. This is done by selecting a free explorer and pointing him towards a destination. Simply left-click and drag the unit to the desired location. The next element is research, i. e. acquiring new technologies. This process is divided into three main research classes - military activities (new types of soldiers), economics (mercenaries, market, university, etc.) and colonization (ships, explorer training and more). Most things are, of course, locked and access to them is only granted once the appropriate level has been reached. At the beginning, however, what we have is entirely sufficient to "invent" infantry, barracks and several other basic units and buildings.

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In addition to these two elements, we must also look after the economy. At the beginning it is worth to e. g. build a market, thanks to which we will increase tax revenues. In order to do this, click on any field (province) into which our country is divided, and choose the appropriate building. In the same way we build other new buildings.

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The last thing we should take care of is the military. No large empire can do without adequate military resources, so we can’t even dream of conquering other countries without a powerful fighting force. Of course, at the beginning our armed forces will be rather scarce in numbers, but thanks to efficient state management and taking care of economy and development, we will quickly gain the resources necessary to bolster their ranks.

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Of course, this is only the beginning of the real adventure. Each building has a completely different purpose and provides us with different benefits. By setting up a fortress, for example, we reduce the losses inflicted by our enemies, the capital allows for training of all civilian units, and the port enables the production of previously "discovered" ships and shortens the time of embarkation. The situation is similar with military units. A regular light infantry unit is the base that works well against hostile infantry and cavalry, heavy artillery is useful for destroying enemy buildings, and heavy regular cavalry is a universal unit, effective in fighting many types of soldiers. Efficient use of the army requires experience and knowledge about particular types of units, so it is worthwhile to read the description that can be found next to each of them.

Free game New World Empires

As in any other respectable strategic game, there are also a few other matter to be considered in New World Empires. Food and raw materials are required for the production of individual components. Special characters, such as the governor, are also important. Thanks to it we can increase the level of the province, which in turn affects the economic power of the state. Another important character is also the colonist. As the name suggests, they will enable us to settle more quickly in open areas, which in turn has a positive impact on the economy.

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Once we have developed properly and decided to attack a neighbour, it would be useful to first find out what his country has at its disposal. A spy should be hired for this purpose. It is not a cheap service, but it is worth the price. Such a person can, for example, check whether we have hostile agents on our territory. He will give you information about the diplomatic and economic activities of the other player and, of course, their army. All of this is very useful, because on the general map we will not find too much data on competition, and even by sending an apparently large force of soldiers to battle we can be surprised to find out that the enemy has much more battle strenght that we do. In the real world information is everything and New World Empires follows the rule.

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It takes time to train units, move them around the map, etc. However, most activities can be speeded up by spending your gold. At the beginning of the game we get a lot of money, but the contents of our treasury evaporate fast. Additional ducats can be purchased using a microtransaction system. Prices start from a few euro for 5500 ducats and up to 40 euro for 170 thousand ducats. Money is also necessary to maintain our country. The army costs money, the food costs money, and so do the spies, so if we fail to properly take care of the economy, then unfortunately we’ll have to deal with some unplanned spending.

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As you can see, New World Empires is a game offering vast possibilities. Fans of complex strategies should be able to spend at least a few pleasant hours with it, but even complete beginners may find something for themselves. The game has clear rules, and you can quickly get around the multitude of options, although their number may be a bit overwhelming at first. Moreover, it’s a production in which we have full freedom of action - we can develop our state peacefully in cooperation with the other players if we wish. In short, there’s something nice for everyone.

Here are some tips that will be useful to you at the beginning:

• Be sure to check out all the tutorials (character portraits shown on the right side of the screen and FAQs on the forum). Without them you will quickly be lost in the multitude of options offered by New World Empires;

• Read the descriptions of units, buildings, etc. - they contain very valuable information. Thanks to them you will not produce unnecessary things;

• Do not overdo it at the beginning of the game. Carefully select the items to be produced, so that you don't have too many expensive troops, but too few buildings to ensure continuous budget revenues;

• Do not overdo it at the beginning of the game. Carefully select the items to be produced, so that you don't have too many expensive troops, but too few buildings to ensure continuous budget revenues;

• Save your ducats. The amount of money you get at the beginning of the game will quickly shrink if you throw money to the right and left;

• Remember that war is not always the best answer and often it’s better to peacefully build up your position step by step.

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